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Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Originally uploaded by vitamininmotion.
I've never been a big Valentines Day person. It was always so contrived . I remember those cheesy box of cards we used to hand out in grade school to people we really could care less about. Occasionally my dad would give me a small box of Godiva treats. As I got older I was never the one to receive those big outlandish bouquets of flowers, etc.( and I suspect most of those relationships at the time have since bitten the dust). I've never really been in a serious relationship around that day anyway.
Certain Someone and I feel the same way about Valentines day. While he surprises me constantly with romantic and generous gestures,V Day isn't his thing. Which was fine, as he has been working on a important project all week. He takes off at 6 am and returns between 2-3 in the evening. Poor thing can barely keep his eyes open. We said we would celebrate the day over the weekend. But it looks like the work in intruding onto that plan. Already I feel the pressure from friends. One , who never calls, called me frantically on the day after to inquire if I was engaged. Why would I be , I answered? She said that would be whats was expected on Valentines Day( and maybe something was wrong if I wasn't). I wonder if she was trying to freak me out and make me feel bad. But how could any sane person expect such a thing? And anyway I wouldn't want a V day proposal. So predictable! On the other hand, my aunt got engaged on this V day. But they had been going out for two years. Certain Someone and I have have barely made a year. I heard on the radio that statistics show 20 percent of all flowers sent on V day are sent by women to themselves. Another 2 percent is sent by women to their pets. That's 22 percent of cuckoos out there. Run for your life if you meet any. I told a friend who was "was waiting for her deliveries ", that perhaps the nut diaper wearing astronaut who was in the news recently , abducted the flower man and tied him up in her straight jacket. So all in all , for a girl that didn't expect anything on V day, I wasn't disappointed. I have a great love who has a lot on his plate as usual. So as I slept worrying about him coming home late in the snow, he was holed up with several male colleagues having a miserable time themselves. The best gift was seeing him come home safely and getting a nice kiss and cuddle with him saying 'I Love You'. If you get that daily who needs a commercial day to prove it?

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