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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Glimpes Into Other Worlds

Shabbat Table
Originally uploaded by Mamasita!.
Last night I was invited to a old friends house to celebrate mutual friends three year 'anniversary". My old friend who I'll call ' Diamond Jim' is a observant Conservative Jew. I love him to pieces because while adhering to strict practices,is one of the most outrageous and fun people I know. He loves to give Shabbat dinners each Friday and goes out the way with the food and entertainment. I used to long for a invite because, while I felt out of place, they were always so good from the food to drinks. Who knew Kosher wines could be so good and extensive. And I love the Challah bread...
I arrived at six after sundown. I was the first person there. Diamond Jim had several slow cookers going with yummy hearty stews. This enabled him to prepare a good meal without having to cook once sundown occurred. However I arrived just in time to make a salad and do last minute stuff which he couldn't do. I admire his adherence to the rules. I learned you cant drink or nibble before the meal but he encouraged me to do so as the other guests arrived. I helped myself to some amazing homemade hooch that his friend made. She inspired me to get my own distillery going. It was great to see old friends and relive the dawn of their romance. I reflected on how far Ive come with my own personal choices. A lot of water under the bridge . Being exhausted after the great meal,drink, and first week back at work,I bid adieu . Certain Someone was home for once this week and I looked forward to snuggling with him by the fire place in this sub zero weather. Its nice to witness others traditions and cultures and have such diverse and fascinating friends.

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