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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our First Purchase

Mmmm reclined
Originally uploaded by My Alternative Photos.
Certain Someone and I made a huge step in our relationship last night. I mean we are talking total commitment now. No ,we are not engaged. We bought our first piece of furniture together. This is our true baby. Not "mine" or "yours" but a asset that can be equitably owned.We sat and tried out a lot of sofas between Illinois and NYC. It had to be just right were we both could snuggle and recline without feeling like we were in a game of Twister when we tried to get up. I was content with my old sofa until Certain Someone took a dive on it and broke the frame. Ever since we try to be cozy on it ,but we sink towards the middle and the floor. I end up all contorted. Now we have a nice cream leather reclining sofa. I can see us retreating more into our space watching the TV with the fire roaring as we both stretch out bodies.AHH the world of the couch potato beckons.

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