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Monday, February 05, 2007

Back Amongst The Living

This was quite the weekend. On Friday afternoon the doctor gave me the all clear to return to work the following Monday. As much as I enjoyed the long rest, I was bored and look forward to getting back to the daily grind.My Auntie Mame Co Chaired a Carnival themed gala event this past weekend. She invited Certain Someone and I to occupy space at her three tables for the sold out event. It was a offer we couldn't refuse. I didn't have to sell a raffle ticket or anything, just have fun. Certain Someone purchased a tuxedo and looked so dashing. He is really suited to this high society thing. No sooner than he complained that he knew no one he ran into some colleagues . The event was great with tons of food from local restaurants as starters in various stations. then a sit down catered by Wolfgang Puck. The Perrier Jouet and cocktails flowed. Its a pity my shoes that shared the same designer as my dress were not to comfortable because the band was outstanding. Never had I seen that crowd boogie without abandon until the 'last call'. The singer even started to sing Amen' to a dance beat and everyone got the spirit. We were some of the last to leave in the below 3 degrees temp.
I awoke and had to force Certain Someone to wake up. We had so much to do because we were hosting a Super Bowl party that evening. We had finally gotten the place together to a presentable degree with all our stuff. We had the big ass plasma going in one room, and the projected large screen in the other.I laid out a huge spread part catered and part assembled by me. People brought things as well. There was so much food and we had a nice crowd that braved the sub zero weather. Unfortunately the Bears who looked promising in the beginning, lost to Indianapolis. The evening ended early and I sit here now typing after the clean up. We have food in the freezer for months even after giving away leftovers. Certain Someone flies out tomorrow morning for a week and I return to work in the morning. It's cold and I'll miss him but I have so much to do this week that I wont be occupied on it. Just when its cold at night!

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