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Monday, October 26, 2009

I Love This Woman... Dame Shirley Bassey

I was reading an article today Dame Shirley Bassey, who's half Nigerian like me by the way, and I got to thinking . Shirley has seen her fair share of pain and tragedy and yet the show still goes on for her. She's not defeated. My mother used to play this song a lot. I think it was her anthem. The lyrics are words to live by.Now this a diva !

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year

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Maybe I'm biased as I'm a Scorpion, but I really believe Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. I can get lost at the variations in colors as the leaves change. It's a time of harvests, warm and comforting food, drink and clothes, and at times a touch of melancholy for some. Nature is a riot of color and celebration before she goes into her darkest coldest period.
Today I took a few minutes to take it all in and inhale and exhale. Isn't it exquisite? Chicago wears Autumn well.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writers Challenge...My Favorite Movie Mahogany

One of the reasons I revived Diary of a Shopgirl was to work on my writing skills more.I have a idea brewing for a book and really need to hone this craft. I saw this writing challenge via Michelle and Big Black Dogs and Spend A Buck Farm and we got to tweeting. Seems she used to be a reader long ago. That's a sign if I ever heard one. So here we go....

My tastes run to camp and out there sort of things. Before the days of cable my television would be tuned into those obscure stations that ran old movies. I loved the glamour of the films in the thirties through the sixties. But amidst all the glamour , I never saw a glamorous black woman. Maybe that's what gripped my heart about Mahogany. This movie would never contend for Oscar status, but when my Mommy took me as young girl to see this movie, the memory of the divine Diana Ross stayed with me through life. Its funny because there are many parallels and incidents in this movie I can actually relate to my past. Mahogany influenced me to want to become a fashion designer, move to Europe, and lead that sort of life. And yes, I did all of that, for a spell. I didn't come from from Chicago,but my mother did. I remember the aggravating feeling of instructors holding you back in your artistic style.The 'dream on' looks and comments others gave you when you voiced your dreams.I love seeing the old shots downtown Chicago's Marshall Fields, a old building I spent most of the last decade servicing in my line of work. I could go one and on. That's the thing about camp films, you can recite them line and verse. They grow on you. Even today's self crowned divas play homage to this film. Remember Beyonces montage in Dreamgirls? A straight rip off of Mahogany.

So call me campy , corny or Whatever ...but remember this in the words of Mr. Billy Dee Williams
"Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with."
and Ms. Ross'
"I'm a WINNER baby"

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Is Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Or Is It Just Creepy?

The cubicle mate and I were talking about copy cats the last few days. As a woman who has always marched to her own distinct beat I cant understand why anyone wants to flat out copy anyone. Here is where my Auntie Mame would interject with "Why do you always try to find logic in everything?" But really, isn't there enough mediocrity out there? The old adage says "it is the sincerest form of flattery", I say its creepy. In blog land we see a lot of this and we call it plagiarism. So the same way I get up in arms if mine or some friends photo or recipe were ripped off, I get annoyed when someone flat out copies elements of my life.
In my single days I tended to attract a particular type of female friend always. When I saw the light and moved on, another was waiting in the wings. You know the type that likes the same men you like,is like a toxic poison and vampire sucking off your style and mannerisms,and eventually trying to get your man?Not saying I'm all that, but I got a lot of those nutcases. I'm not a girls girl. I prefer the company of men because its less drama. One of the things I hate is shopping with "the girls" for clothes. I will go to extremes to be unique and don't want to look cookie cutter. I had another gal pal that always wondered why I didn't shop at" normal mainstream"places like Anne Taylor or Banana Republic (not like there is anything wrong with them), I just don't want to look like everyone else , that's all. She would criticize my choices and yet I would find she painted her house in my colors, or copy other elements.If I did shop in those places I would work it in a different way with my existing vintage pieces, etc.
I'm an observer of life and people and in that I find my inspiration. My exasperation comes from those that don't have and mind or idea of their own. So when I see the imitation, I don't feel flattered, just annoyed, and a little creeped out. I'm seeing it again and I just wanted to rant.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Anybody Out There.....?

It's been a long while since I posted on this blog. Coco Cooks takes all my focus these days, but I suppose I can still post here on occasion. I like to look back at old posts here and see how I ended up to present my present state. I met Certain Someone while writing this blog. Certain Someone is quick to say 'It's not always about food'.

I did create Coco's Eye as a place where Certain Someone and I can post our travel pictures. But sometimes you just want a place for words, and I will always be a Shop Girl at heart . The irony is I'm in a cubicle these days supporting shops in my territory that spans the globe. So be it cosmetics, clothes, cookware , or cakes I'm always selling something and will always have a story to relay.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Its Really Cold Now

Somehow Chicago has gone from degrees in the 90's from just last weekend,to low 40's today. Insane.Runners from the Chicago Marathon dropping from heat exhaustion on Sunday, to winter coats and hats. My mother would say something like 'These are the last days", to explain the whole weirdness of it all. Our recent house guest from Sweden just commented on how cold it is there,and how his wife actually made Glug wine to warm up. Tonight ,after endless weeks of blowing the air, I actually switched on the fireplace. It's cold,and I don't have my man to snuggle with and keep me warm. Certain Someone is now en route from a trip and wont be home till late. Wonder what I'll wear tomorrow? Sun dress or sweater and boots...

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fantastic Surprise

Last night I worked a catering event at a famed jewelry store. I thought it would be a evening like any other. As we were preparing to set up I heard music from a rehearsal taking place. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw a toned and fabulous diva on stage in her track suit and shades belting out a number. I asked 'Is that Natalie Cole'? Yes it was! Later in the evening I got a chance to see her actual performance as we worked. Outstanding. Its amazing that all walks of life ,ages, and races really appreciated her music.This one girl from Turkey didn't have a clue to who she was, or her father. I asked her what planet she dropped from. But when I mentioned 'Unforgettable' recognition took hold. I was in such a good mood that that when I paid my astronomical parking ticket at the end of the evening , I didn't complain. I got to see Natalie Cole In such a intimate setting and gorgeous jewels to boost!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Creepy Request

In the End
Originally uploaded by gun show
I got a creepy request from an old family friend today. Uncle "A" owns a funeral home that has taken care of my family for decades. He"s a great jovial and creative man. We were planning a future event when he asked a favor of me. Knowing I work for a Cosmetics company he wanted some samples to lead into purchasing a big order. That I can do. He explained what the 'dead" needed in terms of cosmetics. Not as different from what the living need. Coverage, smudge proof,and non mask looking. Don't you hate it when you see your dearly departed looking all 'jacked up 'in the coffin. That's why my mother didn't want anyone to see her. Just a memorial service with a fabulous portrait. Well anyway, I digress. Uncle 'A' wanted to know if I would demo the makeup on a corpse for his staff. He'll pay. Now I'll do just about anything for a buck, but not that.I asked if they were in 'good"condition or needed some heavy work. My Auntie Mame laughed at my queasiness. Shes a doctor. Morticians and Doctors just have thicker skin than this old shop girl. I'll write him detailed notes with his samples.

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