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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Or Is It Just Creepy?

The cubicle mate and I were talking about copy cats the last few days. As a woman who has always marched to her own distinct beat I cant understand why anyone wants to flat out copy anyone. Here is where my Auntie Mame would interject with "Why do you always try to find logic in everything?" But really, isn't there enough mediocrity out there? The old adage says "it is the sincerest form of flattery", I say its creepy. In blog land we see a lot of this and we call it plagiarism. So the same way I get up in arms if mine or some friends photo or recipe were ripped off, I get annoyed when someone flat out copies elements of my life.
In my single days I tended to attract a particular type of female friend always. When I saw the light and moved on, another was waiting in the wings. You know the type that likes the same men you like,is like a toxic poison and vampire sucking off your style and mannerisms,and eventually trying to get your man?Not saying I'm all that, but I got a lot of those nutcases. I'm not a girls girl. I prefer the company of men because its less drama. One of the things I hate is shopping with "the girls" for clothes. I will go to extremes to be unique and don't want to look cookie cutter. I had another gal pal that always wondered why I didn't shop at" normal mainstream"places like Anne Taylor or Banana Republic (not like there is anything wrong with them), I just don't want to look like everyone else , that's all. She would criticize my choices and yet I would find she painted her house in my colors, or copy other elements.If I did shop in those places I would work it in a different way with my existing vintage pieces, etc.
I'm an observer of life and people and in that I find my inspiration. My exasperation comes from those that don't have and mind or idea of their own. So when I see the imitation, I don't feel flattered, just annoyed, and a little creeped out. I'm seeing it again and I just wanted to rant.

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  1. I'm not sure I find this creepy. I was pondering and I came to the question, how does one really know they are being copied? one would have to feel mighty unique to think that a clothing choice or a decor idea was originally their idea because they think they thought it out of no where. people are influenced to make their decisions by the external factors in their lives. I am sure your friends are exposed to these same factors and thus had similar results. My final question is how can a color be "your" color. Perhaps if anything you might have inspired them. Its just silly to claim ideas with any ferocity what so ever when no ones truly sure where Ideas come from. And there is a point when nothing is original. As for me, Ive never noticed anyone copying the things I do. Perhaps that because I might be a sucky individual. If I did influence someones decisions however, I would assume that I had only inspired them, and id feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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