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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writers Challenge...My Favorite Movie Mahogany

One of the reasons I revived Diary of a Shopgirl was to work on my writing skills more.I have a idea brewing for a book and really need to hone this craft. I saw this writing challenge via Michelle and Big Black Dogs and Spend A Buck Farm and we got to tweeting. Seems she used to be a reader long ago. That's a sign if I ever heard one. So here we go....

My tastes run to camp and out there sort of things. Before the days of cable my television would be tuned into those obscure stations that ran old movies. I loved the glamour of the films in the thirties through the sixties. But amidst all the glamour , I never saw a glamorous black woman. Maybe that's what gripped my heart about Mahogany. This movie would never contend for Oscar status, but when my Mommy took me as young girl to see this movie, the memory of the divine Diana Ross stayed with me through life. Its funny because there are many parallels and incidents in this movie I can actually relate to my past. Mahogany influenced me to want to become a fashion designer, move to Europe, and lead that sort of life. And yes, I did all of that, for a spell. I didn't come from from Chicago,but my mother did. I remember the aggravating feeling of instructors holding you back in your artistic style.The 'dream on' looks and comments others gave you when you voiced your dreams.I love seeing the old shots downtown Chicago's Marshall Fields, a old building I spent most of the last decade servicing in my line of work. I could go one and on. That's the thing about camp films, you can recite them line and verse. They grow on you. Even today's self crowned divas play homage to this film. Remember Beyonces montage in Dreamgirls? A straight rip off of Mahogany.

So call me campy , corny or Whatever ...but remember this in the words of Mr. Billy Dee Williams
"Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with."
and Ms. Ross'
"I'm a WINNER baby"

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  1. Good choice. No one is like Ms. Ross. Saw her Vancouver many years ago.
    Films don't have to be #1 in order to speak to us. They just need to be honest to resonate.

    Thanks for joining in the Writer's Challenge. Unfortunately the Mr. Linky won't be up on my site until November 13th. Try to remember to come by my site then so you can link up with the others. If you need help to do this just email me.

  2. You are now all linked up for the Writer's Challenge. Thanks.

  3. I'm with Lori. Some of my favorite movies would never be Oscar contenders, but if they speak to your heart that's all that matters. I adore Diana Ross, and let's face it, any movie with Billy Dee Williams is worth watching!

  4. Loved this movie !!! When she was trying to grab the wheel of the car and the look in her eyes..scared the begeebers out of me!

  5. Loved this movie and I just watched it again about a month ago.

    I have to bring up the fact that the Divine Ms. Diana is one of our own from Detroit, MI! YEA!

    Billy Dee Williams...oh my what a drop dead fox!

  6. No one more elegant or talented than Diana Ross! I have always loved her and all Motown! I have seen parts of this movie on cable. Will have to Netflix it!

  7. What wonderful memories this brought to mind, I hadn't thought about it in years. Thanks for sharing, peace for all


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