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Monday, October 30, 2006


Moving in
Originally uploaded by Clav.

This weekend was all about transitions. On Saturday Certain Someone and I said farewell to a friend of ours that was tragically murdered. The group gathered to be strong for each other and pay our respects to a beautiful girl taken in her prime. The funeral turned to a all day affair with us continuing onto a bar for drinks, then dinner , and a movie. No one seemed to want to part company. The day was filled with laughter and tears. In the end I felt our friend was at peace and would watch over and guide all that loved her. I didn't know her as well as the others, but her death and life left a strong impression.
On a lighter note , Certain Someone and I announced to some friends and family members that he will be moving in with me for a few months. In principle I don't believe in living together, but his landlord is selling his place, and its easier to stay with me until Jan, when he'll get a new place. It will help me out enormously as I like his company, and I will be recovering from surgery. My own male nurse! It will also be a good test for our relationship. Some other friends of ours are taking the plunge and teased us about this was how it started. Were both only children, so we have a lot to learn about sharing space and lives. So lets hope for the best. Daylight Savings time has started , and we've gained a extra hour. So much to plan over the next few weeks with my Birthday, Thanksgiving, and the move. It all looks so promising.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Minneapolis Panorama

Minneapolis Panorama
Originally uploaded by Bolobilly.

I've been in Minneapolis since this past Monday. As ususal there isnt much to report. Just the usual territory visit. The weather has been bleak and dreary with the exception of today, which was a little warmer.Honestly I can't wait to get home. My group received some tragic news concerning a friend of ours that just leaves me with a unsettled feeling . It makes you wonder" what posseses people to do what they do" and more distrusting of mankind in general. I tried to clear my mind last night and go see the controversial Marie Antoinnette. For a few hours I was transported into the glittering and decadent world of the doomed Austrian born princess. I loved the costumes and images. The normally empty theater was full of customers for a special screening of another movie. I had the misfortune to be in front of a odd group that seem to make a hobby out of scoring free passes, going from movie to movie, until they get caught ,and driving hours for a cheap church dinners.Interesting life they lead. I could have sworn the manager of the theater was a man, put passed as a female very nicley. After the film I hurried along the nearly deserted skyway before it closed. I felt trapped and finished the journey back to the hotel outside. The cold air felt good. As I settled into bed( why are hotel beds so comfortable?) I thought about Certain Someone and my own home. How I missed them . I love Chicago.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fire Starter

Car Fire I-10 Fry Rd
Originally uploaded by billjacobus1.

Over the past month some strange occurrences have been happening when I'm with Certain Someone. I have to ask myself "is it just coincidence?" It first started in D.C. While we were navigating the Beltway to visit my old house, a car was burning rapidly on the side of the road. A group of nonchalant teenagers sat along side it ,not at all scared it was going to blow! Certain Someone seemed non pulsed but I feared that it would explode just as we passed it. It reminded me of a childhood accident I once witnessed .Then last week while we took a romantic stroll to work off some calories, a five alarm fire broke out at highrise on Michigan Ave. Several fire trucks , police, ambulances, and newscrews blocked off traffic. All the hundreds of tourists just stopped and looked up trying to catch a glimpse. We couldn't see anything and wondered what everyone was pointing at. I thought perhaps someone was getting ready to jump. But we were informed it was a five alarm . The building still stands, and honestly I haven't caught up with local news lately to see what happened yesterday, we calm walked along Michigan Avenue after my German class , and a taxi just caught on fire right there! The smoking engine exploded into rapid flames once Certain Someone turned his penetrating green eyes on it. It really looked and smelled like it was going to blow in a few minutes. I looked at him strange and commented on all the weird fires lately. He smirked at me with a devilish grin and said 'maybe your starting the fires..." In that sexy low German accent of his. Coincidence or supernatural?

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Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Wrong With People...?

This week has been pretty ho hum. Its been so busy and nothing really exciting to report other than I got a flu shot and got sick soon after. I'm always on the run between both jobs, Certain Someone, board commitments, and a occasional outing . This weeks outings were with Certain Someone's at his new find J Bar ,at the James Hotel. I wearily joined him there twice this week after long work days. One thing I found that both annoyed he and I this week was just people at large. At the restaurant it amazed me how people just bypassed me the hostess and basically tried to do whatever they wanted. I held one mans reservation for an hour, and he finally showed up and ignored my greeting and me. He decided to smooze at the bar , not caring that I had a two page wait list of people dying for that table. I gave the table away, and then he decided he wanted the table. The nerve. That's just one of many tales of self absorption I find in others. I wish I could be that inconsiderate and not care, but I always worry about everyone else. Then on the weekend Certain Someone and I just got downright irritated at the crowds along the Mag Mile and the rudeness. It has always amazed me that people have no regard for others they may be blocking , stalling, or pushing. The gawkers want to hog the sidewalks and generally stop the flow. At the Symphony Sunday evening we got irritated with the general admission crowd . One pushy lady even had the audacity to ask us to move down mid Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. She didn't like her view. Sometimes I look at Certain Someone and can see that he gets really pissed. Those Germans are all about order, good manners, and flow. Maybe his influence is rubbing off on me, hence my lack of patience and irritation.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Buckeye State Of Mind

This weekend Certain Someone flew me to Columbus Ohio to visit his childhood friend and wife from Germany. I had been to Columbus numerous times before for business and really didn't form a accurate favorable impression of the city. But this weekend changed my mind. Romeo and Juliet were the most gracious hosts. I felt as if I were in a luxurious Bed and Breakfast. Our first dinner consisted of grilled steaks and salmon in their lovely home. I found Juliet to be a kindred spirit as she hails from France and we had similar interests and tastes. We wrapped up dinner lingered over our digestifs and called it a night. The next day Ohio State Football awaited . Romeo is on the faculty and procured two hard to get tickets and a pre season reception for us. I had never been to a American College game before, as I had European art school experience .What a slice of Americana!The bands, pageantry, loyal die hard fans raised from birth to root on the Buckeyes. Certain Someone made sure I was dressed in the right colors. He just blended right on in. No one would have guessed he was raised elsewhere. The number one ranked team won against Bowling Green (naturally). I felt bad for the under ranked team, dressed in Hooters(the boob restaurant)colors. But they gave it a good shot. And I learned what a Buckeye is( a type of nut) and the name of their adorable mascot, oddly called Brutus(wasn't he a traitor?).The day was long and concluded in a great restaurant in the cobblestone German Village , G. Michaels. The next day we woke late a drove into the scenic countryside . Our destination was Granville and some apple picking. Certain Someone and Romeo sang to a eighties soundtrack. How Juliet and I were shocked when they knew Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart, by heart. It was unnerving they sang it several times. We passed by a haunted house called Haunted Hoochie, which looked lame. Once in Granville we had lunch and climbed up the long hill to Dennison College, a private college on top of hill. The fall foliage was stunning. No wonder those pampered college kids were so skinny, all that hill climbing. We finally made it to Lynde Apple Orchards. Certain Someone at first didn't seem to into it, but soon enough he was directing me to what the better trees and apples were. He and Romeo had this childish enthusiasm that was p[leasing to watch. We decided to make a Apple cranberry crisp and grill some brats when we got back. Those were the best tasting apples I ever had. Certain Someone and I carried our big bag on the plane later that evening. I promised to make him a American apple pie later. Before we left his old and my new friends, we were asked to make a drawing and write some words on a parchment sheet that can be added to a unusual chandelier over their dining room table.All their guests had left interesting drawings and notes in all sorts of languages. Certain Someone and I decided to draw a spoof of a fairy tale that correlates to his childhood nickname. An fitting end to a story book weekend.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Originally uploaded by Lis Rock.

Certain Someone returned earlier than planned from Copenhagen. Due to his heavy work demands we couldn't join our friends for Octoberfest in Milwaukee. I can't wait to read Gabis account of the beer fueled weekend. So Friday night after attending Macy's Glamorama fashion show and party, feauturing headliner Beyonce, I rushed over to my sweeties. I had planned on being at the party past midnight,but tired feet and a jaded attitude made me leave earlier than planned . I was glad to see Certain Someone even though he was half asleep and exhausted from all his jet lag. We woke early and went our separate ways, he to golf, and me to German class. We planned on meeting later for dinner at Chicago Brauhaus . After a wait of just a hour , we managed to get a table in the noise filled establishment. Talk about kitsch, but the food lived up to our expectations. Certain Someone ordered a crispy pork shank. It reminded me of when I first fell for him upon meeting, he had ordered a garangutan lamb shank. I always felt like he looked like Henry VIII with those huge hunks of meat. I dared him to finish it, but he couldn't. Needless to say us 'old folks" went home at a reasonable hour and called it a night. We got a update from Milwaukee, and seems they were turning in early as well. But they started way earlier. Today was a quiet one as we parted ways so he could work , and I could do my thing. This weekend we plan on flying to Columbus for the Columbus Day weekend to visit his good friends. We have Ohio State football tix and plan to visit another German establishment . Its hard to believe its October already. Where does the time fly by?

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