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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Minneapolis Panorama

Minneapolis Panorama
Originally uploaded by Bolobilly.

I've been in Minneapolis since this past Monday. As ususal there isnt much to report. Just the usual territory visit. The weather has been bleak and dreary with the exception of today, which was a little warmer.Honestly I can't wait to get home. My group received some tragic news concerning a friend of ours that just leaves me with a unsettled feeling . It makes you wonder" what posseses people to do what they do" and more distrusting of mankind in general. I tried to clear my mind last night and go see the controversial Marie Antoinnette. For a few hours I was transported into the glittering and decadent world of the doomed Austrian born princess. I loved the costumes and images. The normally empty theater was full of customers for a special screening of another movie. I had the misfortune to be in front of a odd group that seem to make a hobby out of scoring free passes, going from movie to movie, until they get caught ,and driving hours for a cheap church dinners.Interesting life they lead. I could have sworn the manager of the theater was a man, put passed as a female very nicley. After the film I hurried along the nearly deserted skyway before it closed. I felt trapped and finished the journey back to the hotel outside. The cold air felt good. As I settled into bed( why are hotel beds so comfortable?) I thought about Certain Someone and my own home. How I missed them . I love Chicago.

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  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Welcome back to a rainy horrible day in the city that you love. I just figure that if The Twins had made the World Series, Minneapolis might not have been such a bad place to spend some it is, I can understand your desire to get back here. Chicago rocks!


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