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Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Wrong With People...?

This week has been pretty ho hum. Its been so busy and nothing really exciting to report other than I got a flu shot and got sick soon after. I'm always on the run between both jobs, Certain Someone, board commitments, and a occasional outing . This weeks outings were with Certain Someone's at his new find J Bar ,at the James Hotel. I wearily joined him there twice this week after long work days. One thing I found that both annoyed he and I this week was just people at large. At the restaurant it amazed me how people just bypassed me the hostess and basically tried to do whatever they wanted. I held one mans reservation for an hour, and he finally showed up and ignored my greeting and me. He decided to smooze at the bar , not caring that I had a two page wait list of people dying for that table. I gave the table away, and then he decided he wanted the table. The nerve. That's just one of many tales of self absorption I find in others. I wish I could be that inconsiderate and not care, but I always worry about everyone else. Then on the weekend Certain Someone and I just got downright irritated at the crowds along the Mag Mile and the rudeness. It has always amazed me that people have no regard for others they may be blocking , stalling, or pushing. The gawkers want to hog the sidewalks and generally stop the flow. At the Symphony Sunday evening we got irritated with the general admission crowd . One pushy lady even had the audacity to ask us to move down mid Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. She didn't like her view. Sometimes I look at Certain Someone and can see that he gets really pissed. Those Germans are all about order, good manners, and flow. Maybe his influence is rubbing off on me, hence my lack of patience and irritation.

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1 comment:

  1. kilabyte8:53 PM

    The old saying "so many assholes and so few bullets" might seem useful at this time ... BUT ... given the US's current history, probably inappropriate. Still, the sentiment can be vented.

    By the way, OZ is no better in that regard either. We also have some real doozy's who may have come from the same gene pool - the shallow end (you show me yours and I'll show you mine).


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