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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fire Starter

Car Fire I-10 Fry Rd
Originally uploaded by billjacobus1.

Over the past month some strange occurrences have been happening when I'm with Certain Someone. I have to ask myself "is it just coincidence?" It first started in D.C. While we were navigating the Beltway to visit my old house, a car was burning rapidly on the side of the road. A group of nonchalant teenagers sat along side it ,not at all scared it was going to blow! Certain Someone seemed non pulsed but I feared that it would explode just as we passed it. It reminded me of a childhood accident I once witnessed .Then last week while we took a romantic stroll to work off some calories, a five alarm fire broke out at highrise on Michigan Ave. Several fire trucks , police, ambulances, and newscrews blocked off traffic. All the hundreds of tourists just stopped and looked up trying to catch a glimpse. We couldn't see anything and wondered what everyone was pointing at. I thought perhaps someone was getting ready to jump. But we were informed it was a five alarm . The building still stands, and honestly I haven't caught up with local news lately to see what happened yesterday, we calm walked along Michigan Avenue after my German class , and a taxi just caught on fire right there! The smoking engine exploded into rapid flames once Certain Someone turned his penetrating green eyes on it. It really looked and smelled like it was going to blow in a few minutes. I looked at him strange and commented on all the weird fires lately. He smirked at me with a devilish grin and said 'maybe your starting the fires..." In that sexy low German accent of his. Coincidence or supernatural?

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