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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Originally uploaded by Lis Rock.

Certain Someone returned earlier than planned from Copenhagen. Due to his heavy work demands we couldn't join our friends for Octoberfest in Milwaukee. I can't wait to read Gabis account of the beer fueled weekend. So Friday night after attending Macy's Glamorama fashion show and party, feauturing headliner Beyonce, I rushed over to my sweeties. I had planned on being at the party past midnight,but tired feet and a jaded attitude made me leave earlier than planned . I was glad to see Certain Someone even though he was half asleep and exhausted from all his jet lag. We woke early and went our separate ways, he to golf, and me to German class. We planned on meeting later for dinner at Chicago Brauhaus . After a wait of just a hour , we managed to get a table in the noise filled establishment. Talk about kitsch, but the food lived up to our expectations. Certain Someone ordered a crispy pork shank. It reminded me of when I first fell for him upon meeting, he had ordered a garangutan lamb shank. I always felt like he looked like Henry VIII with those huge hunks of meat. I dared him to finish it, but he couldn't. Needless to say us 'old folks" went home at a reasonable hour and called it a night. We got a update from Milwaukee, and seems they were turning in early as well. But they started way earlier. Today was a quiet one as we parted ways so he could work , and I could do my thing. This weekend we plan on flying to Columbus for the Columbus Day weekend to visit his good friends. We have Ohio State football tix and plan to visit another German establishment . Its hard to believe its October already. Where does the time fly by?

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