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Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Quite Like His Mutters

Last weekend , in honor of Certain Someone's big promotion, I decided to make a traditional German meal of Sauerbraten. After extensive online research comparing recipes with marinating times varying from 2-4 days,I targeted Sunday as dinnertime! I started prepping Wendsday evening . Come Friday Certain Someone informed me that he was being called to Copenhagen Sunday night on business .Not only was I upset at the prospect of my newly appointed Director being away for a long time, but that my dinner was ruined! We decided to push it up a day to Saturday. I spent Saturday taking my first German class for 2 1/2 hours, shopping for additional ingredients to make potato dumpling, and hard to find German beer. I settled on packaged potato dumpling in the freezer section of Hyde Park COOP. If I hadn't have told him he never would have known. The scents from the roasting meat were yummy as I cleaned the house. All was perfect until the final preparation of the sauce. Since most of my cooking liquids had evaporated ,the gravy turned out too thick. Certain Someone looked at the dish skeptically after appreciating the scent as he walked in my home. He also inquired as to what type of meat I used. In Deutschland another type of meat,which I won't mention, is occasionally used. Nevertheless he had several servings with red cabbage and dumplings. He really liked the dumplings!. I thought I did ok for my first try. The gravy was thick but very tasty. He was stuffed. Although none will ever be as good as his mamma's. At least I cooked it with love. So as my sweetie eats Danish hotel food all week, he can fondly look back to my first Sauerbraten.

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1 comment:

  1. Certain someone9:53 AM

    It was good and tasty, baby!!
    You did very well!!

    And not even Paul Bocuse can catch up with my mother ;-)



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