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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Girls Beware of the Competition

Originally uploaded by Jack000.

This Labor Day weekend Certain Someone and I drove out to Rockford to go boating with 'The Rock' at his sisters house. The day was perfect cruising the Rockford river ,drinking and eating. Certain Someone and I really relaxed and enjoyed the good company. When we got back to the house after a very long day we fired up the grill and threw on some steaks and brats, chased by more beer and tequila. Then came show time . The Rocks brother in law hooked up the Playstation on the 60 inch TV screen ( the ultimate mans toys) and played some sort of game called Guitar Hero. Everyone was really good playing along to classic guitar rock pieces, with the exception of myself who ultimately crashed on the sofa. Certain Someone was impressive. In fact he was glued to the game . His face fell into that zombie like trance you see little boys and teenagers get into. All I remember was finally going to bed , and he eventually joining around 2 am or so. When we woke, around 10, he immediately went back to the TV and started on another game. My grown man had turned into a little boy in less than 24 hours. I'm worried because his friends are coming in from Sweden this week with his precious X box he left behind. I can compete with the work schedule, boys nights out, golf, etc. But the X box, I'm scared....

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