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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me...

Millenium Park - Jay Pritzker Pavilion and Great Lawn
Originally uploaded by wallyg.

Over the weekend I gathered some friends and people from an art's association, I'm involved with, for a lawn concert. One of the guys brought along some people from his church. Certain Someone had with him two friends visiting from Stockholm. All in all a lovely evening,until...One of the "church" woman got quite tipsy and exuberant on her jug wine and friends Cheerio trail mix.In mid concert whilst I lay alongside my sweetie, she took a hunk of cheese and went crazy. Next I felt her push me belly and face down into the blanket and proclaimed 'I MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD'. She started to rub my derriere and back and commenting on how tense I was. As much as I protested she forcefully continues. Certain Someone or no one could stop her, and everyone was sssshhhisng us . Of course I was tense because this strange older Yoko Ono type who seemed to have suffered a stroke was rubbing my ass in front of hundreds of people.I tried to be polite and just let her rub a few moment's more to keep the commotion down. She eventually got the message and stopped. I thanked her for her services and thankfully the concert ended and we got the hell out. I pray I never see her again. Later that night as we went to sleep Certain Someone expressed that he had never been more mortified and he wished the ground had swallowed him up right there. Well how the hell did he think I felt!

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  1. Yoko Oh-No!

    Sorry that your chums didn't step in and show the crazy old bag what a REAL Swedish massage is meant to be like.

  2. kilabyte3:54 AM

    Frankly I think you were much too polite. I would have hauled off and decked her ... just like a good healthy longshoreman. As the Gabs says, "you wanna touch me, you gotta buy me a drink first ... you wanna get that personal the next thing betta be a marriage proposal".


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