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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing Nemo

Originally uploaded by raqui09.

Sunday as Certain Someone and I were on the boat, his eye caught a glimpse of something. The Rockford River is a dark green murky body of water where you may find a occasional catfish jumping , see a live Human torpedo, or Daddy and Me water skiing teams decked out in bright costumes. Along the shoreline you admire beautiful houses and Goth kids doing a Happy Dance around a fountain. In other words, anything goes. So imagine our amazement when Certain Someone pointed out a floating plastic bag passing us by. Our friend B immediately jumped in the warm waters and fished it out. Inside the bag was little Nemo. My Sweetie became quite attached to the little thing and guarded it closely until we got back to the house. A lot of fuss was made about the transfer of water, etc. Quite educational ! It was decided that with his schedule , Certain Someone could not provide Nemo a good home, so he decided to let our hosts neighbors children adopt it. They have promised to send updates. Already we were informed that he has a brand spanking new aquarium and might get a little buddy to splash with. Its tough for Certain Someone as he also had to say goodbye to his good friends baby who was moving away soon. Two goodbyes in one day. I have to find a way to cheer him up.

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