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Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Quite Like His Mutters

Last weekend , in honor of Certain Someone's big promotion, I decided to make a traditional German meal of Sauerbraten. After extensive online research comparing recipes with marinating times varying from 2-4 days,I targeted Sunday as dinnertime! I started prepping Wendsday evening . Come Friday Certain Someone informed me that he was being called to Copenhagen Sunday night on business .Not only was I upset at the prospect of my newly appointed Director being away for a long time, but that my dinner was ruined! We decided to push it up a day to Saturday. I spent Saturday taking my first German class for 2 1/2 hours, shopping for additional ingredients to make potato dumpling, and hard to find German beer. I settled on packaged potato dumpling in the freezer section of Hyde Park COOP. If I hadn't have told him he never would have known. The scents from the roasting meat were yummy as I cleaned the house. All was perfect until the final preparation of the sauce. Since most of my cooking liquids had evaporated ,the gravy turned out too thick. Certain Someone looked at the dish skeptically after appreciating the scent as he walked in my home. He also inquired as to what type of meat I used. In Deutschland another type of meat,which I won't mention, is occasionally used. Nevertheless he had several servings with red cabbage and dumplings. He really liked the dumplings!. I thought I did ok for my first try. The gravy was thick but very tasty. He was stuffed. Although none will ever be as good as his mamma's. At least I cooked it with love. So as my sweetie eats Danish hotel food all week, he can fondly look back to my first Sauerbraten.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Juggling the Crazies,Time, and Money

juggling balls in the air
Originally uploaded by mike 23.

Today was a crazy day. I got up at the crack of dawn for a early morning doctors appointment . I had a lot on my plate today which I systematically accomplished. Every now and then a curve ball was thrown my way. Like for instance Certain Someone( who recently got a big promotion) assured me that he wouldn't be traveling for a few weeks, has to go to Copenhagen for a week and half on Sunday. I had spent the day before planning and pre prepping a elaborate German Sauerbraten that has to marinate four days for a romantic dinner Sunday. Oh well, it will have to be Saturday night then. Hope he doesn't compare it to his mothers as it will only marinate for 3 days now..Then I have this odd person that works for me that informed me of a supposedly important meeting in the store. I protested that it was to short notice and wasn't convenient today. Nevertheless I drove the 40 miles out and got there late afternoon. The manager was supposedly busy and the culprit was stalling for a excuse. Upon seeing him I railed into him about postponing yet another meeting, not returning my calls, etc. He told me that she basically told me she put all this together without his knowledge ,and when he found out told her I wasn't needed,which she didn't relay to me. We soothed our ruffled feathers and realized we are dealing with a major manipulator and liar. If it was attention she sought ,it was our wrath she incurred by putting us in that situation and playing us off each other. She had her meeting all right, but not with me ! I also found out some juicy gossip I really didn't need to hear. Lets just say a certain newlywed I know of in passing is having a affair with a Vegas performer , whilst pregnant with her long sought after husbands child. How do people get in these jams? So I went over to job #2 and had a relatively busy but peaceful evening. Its amazing how mindless labor centers you. I chuckled over an earlier incident with my colleague in a Fannie May store. When paying for her candy,she asked the sales clerk for a discount. The skinny teenager promptly replied she has just missed Senior Day. Meow! Well that's my day. Busy, hectic,and surrounded by all sorts of interesting people and situations.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Revisiting The Past

Originally uploaded by .bandit.

I've just returned from a long weekend in Washington DC as Certain Someone's guest. He has a conference this week there , and thought it would be nice to return to my birthplace . I haven't been "home " in a long time. With both of my parents gone, I have little connection. We arrived on separate flights late Friday afternoon and checked into the Washington Hilton and Towers. This was where Reagan was shot many years ago. My father had offices right across the street at the time. After a quick nap we walked around Dupont Circle. By this point I felt like a stranger in my hometown, but it was nice to rediscover it with my sweetie. We had a late dinner in a Osteria and returned to the hotel. On Saturday I called my dads best friend from his American University in Beirut days and we all met in Chinatown. My how that had changed as well. I remember my first job out of college in the old Woodward and Lothrop store. Chinatown was a little grittier and real back then. Now its very commercial and developed with Bed Bath and Beyond's alongside the eateries. Nevertheless the Dim Sum at Tony Chengs was the best I ever had. A tourist told us upon entering ,she had dined there twelve times on her visit as she rubbed her belly. Daddies friend and Certain Someone hit it off and I felt Daddy would have approved. He dropped us off on M St in Georgetown where we leisurely shopped,walked around the "new" waterfront ( another new concept to me ) by the canal, pigged out on ice cream and pizza at Paradisos. The Hagen Das shop was there when I was a teenager, so that was nice. Along the waterfront we witnessed a seedy fashion photoshoot. A boat owner let the girls hop on his craft as they posed and contorted for the camera. Certain Someone and I loved to people watch. Sunday we decided to rent a car and visit my old high school in Potomac and a house I lived in prior to my parents divorce. He was quite impressed with the all girls campus and ritzy real estate around my school. White Pickett fences and stables were the norm. We ate lunch in Potomac Village and drove out further to North Potomac. I was a little disappointed. The houses where I grew up did not seem as impressive as when I was a child. I saw a lady come out my old house( which looked the same , just smaller) and told her I was the first family that lived there. She said hi, and drove her car down the driveway and into a ditch. The craziest thing I ever saw. All the neighbors came out to try and help. I recognized one and he called his wife out. She invited us in for coffee, but we politely declined. Time sure does fly. We caught up for a few moments and left. Tom Wolf was right,'You can never go home again". I felt I closed a book on a long chapter. We drove to Great Falls and walked some miles along the C&O CANAL,viewed the dams, took photos, and just enjoyed the flora and fauna. A nice way to wrap up the day. I had one last treat remaining. We went to the Dancing Crab where I indulged in my favorite Maryland crabs cooked in Old Bay. Certain Someone tried one, but I felt they were to much work for him. He ordered a huge seafood platter. I ate like a happy kid with my bib and wet dirty hands covered in spice. We came back to the hotel and watched Kill Bill 1 and 2 like a old cozy couple. After breakfast we kissed goodbye and I drove the car back to the airport. The end our mini vacation. It was the best weekend ever! Thank you sweetie for making this happen.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me...

Millenium Park - Jay Pritzker Pavilion and Great Lawn
Originally uploaded by wallyg.

Over the weekend I gathered some friends and people from an art's association, I'm involved with, for a lawn concert. One of the guys brought along some people from his church. Certain Someone had with him two friends visiting from Stockholm. All in all a lovely evening,until...One of the "church" woman got quite tipsy and exuberant on her jug wine and friends Cheerio trail mix.In mid concert whilst I lay alongside my sweetie, she took a hunk of cheese and went crazy. Next I felt her push me belly and face down into the blanket and proclaimed 'I MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD'. She started to rub my derriere and back and commenting on how tense I was. As much as I protested she forcefully continues. Certain Someone or no one could stop her, and everyone was sssshhhisng us . Of course I was tense because this strange older Yoko Ono type who seemed to have suffered a stroke was rubbing my ass in front of hundreds of people.I tried to be polite and just let her rub a few moment's more to keep the commotion down. She eventually got the message and stopped. I thanked her for her services and thankfully the concert ended and we got the hell out. I pray I never see her again. Later that night as we went to sleep Certain Someone expressed that he had never been more mortified and he wished the ground had swallowed him up right there. Well how the hell did he think I felt!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing Nemo

Originally uploaded by raqui09.

Sunday as Certain Someone and I were on the boat, his eye caught a glimpse of something. The Rockford River is a dark green murky body of water where you may find a occasional catfish jumping , see a live Human torpedo, or Daddy and Me water skiing teams decked out in bright costumes. Along the shoreline you admire beautiful houses and Goth kids doing a Happy Dance around a fountain. In other words, anything goes. So imagine our amazement when Certain Someone pointed out a floating plastic bag passing us by. Our friend B immediately jumped in the warm waters and fished it out. Inside the bag was little Nemo. My Sweetie became quite attached to the little thing and guarded it closely until we got back to the house. A lot of fuss was made about the transfer of water, etc. Quite educational ! It was decided that with his schedule , Certain Someone could not provide Nemo a good home, so he decided to let our hosts neighbors children adopt it. They have promised to send updates. Already we were informed that he has a brand spanking new aquarium and might get a little buddy to splash with. Its tough for Certain Someone as he also had to say goodbye to his good friends baby who was moving away soon. Two goodbyes in one day. I have to find a way to cheer him up.

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Girls Beware of the Competition

Originally uploaded by Jack000.

This Labor Day weekend Certain Someone and I drove out to Rockford to go boating with 'The Rock' at his sisters house. The day was perfect cruising the Rockford river ,drinking and eating. Certain Someone and I really relaxed and enjoyed the good company. When we got back to the house after a very long day we fired up the grill and threw on some steaks and brats, chased by more beer and tequila. Then came show time . The Rocks brother in law hooked up the Playstation on the 60 inch TV screen ( the ultimate mans toys) and played some sort of game called Guitar Hero. Everyone was really good playing along to classic guitar rock pieces, with the exception of myself who ultimately crashed on the sofa. Certain Someone was impressive. In fact he was glued to the game . His face fell into that zombie like trance you see little boys and teenagers get into. All I remember was finally going to bed , and he eventually joining around 2 am or so. When we woke, around 10, he immediately went back to the TV and started on another game. My grown man had turned into a little boy in less than 24 hours. I'm worried because his friends are coming in from Sweden this week with his precious X box he left behind. I can compete with the work schedule, boys nights out, golf, etc. But the X box, I'm scared....

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Friday, September 01, 2006

I Wonder What That Freaks Day Job Is?

Cartel Freak Day
Originally uploaded by deramaenrama.

Every now and then when it gets really quiet in the wine bar, I look up from my host stand and he goes whizzing by. He is a Asian man approximately in his late thirties , early forties with a Aztec looking bob. He's always scantily clad in gold lame hotpants with some butt cheek showing. As he rolls by on roller blades and Boom box in one arm (very early eighties ghetto), he's always smiling like he took some Ecstasy tabs. Today he wore a short blue trench coat over his shiny hot pants. Freak Boy either arouses love or hate. I like to think that this probable IT geek ,or perhaps even a lawyer, likes to unwind at the end of a hard day ,flashing the patrons of the avenue cafes in Bucktown. Just my opinion anyway...

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