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Monday, October 09, 2006

Buckeye State Of Mind

This weekend Certain Someone flew me to Columbus Ohio to visit his childhood friend and wife from Germany. I had been to Columbus numerous times before for business and really didn't form a accurate favorable impression of the city. But this weekend changed my mind. Romeo and Juliet were the most gracious hosts. I felt as if I were in a luxurious Bed and Breakfast. Our first dinner consisted of grilled steaks and salmon in their lovely home. I found Juliet to be a kindred spirit as she hails from France and we had similar interests and tastes. We wrapped up dinner lingered over our digestifs and called it a night. The next day Ohio State Football awaited . Romeo is on the faculty and procured two hard to get tickets and a pre season reception for us. I had never been to a American College game before, as I had European art school experience .What a slice of Americana!The bands, pageantry, loyal die hard fans raised from birth to root on the Buckeyes. Certain Someone made sure I was dressed in the right colors. He just blended right on in. No one would have guessed he was raised elsewhere. The number one ranked team won against Bowling Green (naturally). I felt bad for the under ranked team, dressed in Hooters(the boob restaurant)colors. But they gave it a good shot. And I learned what a Buckeye is( a type of nut) and the name of their adorable mascot, oddly called Brutus(wasn't he a traitor?).The day was long and concluded in a great restaurant in the cobblestone German Village , G. Michaels. The next day we woke late a drove into the scenic countryside . Our destination was Granville and some apple picking. Certain Someone and Romeo sang to a eighties soundtrack. How Juliet and I were shocked when they knew Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart, by heart. It was unnerving they sang it several times. We passed by a haunted house called Haunted Hoochie, which looked lame. Once in Granville we had lunch and climbed up the long hill to Dennison College, a private college on top of hill. The fall foliage was stunning. No wonder those pampered college kids were so skinny, all that hill climbing. We finally made it to Lynde Apple Orchards. Certain Someone at first didn't seem to into it, but soon enough he was directing me to what the better trees and apples were. He and Romeo had this childish enthusiasm that was p[leasing to watch. We decided to make a Apple cranberry crisp and grill some brats when we got back. Those were the best tasting apples I ever had. Certain Someone and I carried our big bag on the plane later that evening. I promised to make him a American apple pie later. Before we left his old and my new friends, we were asked to make a drawing and write some words on a parchment sheet that can be added to a unusual chandelier over their dining room table.All their guests had left interesting drawings and notes in all sorts of languages. Certain Someone and I decided to draw a spoof of a fairy tale that correlates to his childhood nickname. An fitting end to a story book weekend.

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