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Monday, October 30, 2006


Moving in
Originally uploaded by Clav.

This weekend was all about transitions. On Saturday Certain Someone and I said farewell to a friend of ours that was tragically murdered. The group gathered to be strong for each other and pay our respects to a beautiful girl taken in her prime. The funeral turned to a all day affair with us continuing onto a bar for drinks, then dinner , and a movie. No one seemed to want to part company. The day was filled with laughter and tears. In the end I felt our friend was at peace and would watch over and guide all that loved her. I didn't know her as well as the others, but her death and life left a strong impression.
On a lighter note , Certain Someone and I announced to some friends and family members that he will be moving in with me for a few months. In principle I don't believe in living together, but his landlord is selling his place, and its easier to stay with me until Jan, when he'll get a new place. It will help me out enormously as I like his company, and I will be recovering from surgery. My own male nurse! It will also be a good test for our relationship. Some other friends of ours are taking the plunge and teased us about this was how it started. Were both only children, so we have a lot to learn about sharing space and lives. So lets hope for the best. Daylight Savings time has started , and we've gained a extra hour. So much to plan over the next few weeks with my Birthday, Thanksgiving, and the move. It all looks so promising.

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