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Monday, September 17, 2007

Creepy Request

In the End
Originally uploaded by gun show
I got a creepy request from an old family friend today. Uncle "A" owns a funeral home that has taken care of my family for decades. He"s a great jovial and creative man. We were planning a future event when he asked a favor of me. Knowing I work for a Cosmetics company he wanted some samples to lead into purchasing a big order. That I can do. He explained what the 'dead" needed in terms of cosmetics. Not as different from what the living need. Coverage, smudge proof,and non mask looking. Don't you hate it when you see your dearly departed looking all 'jacked up 'in the coffin. That's why my mother didn't want anyone to see her. Just a memorial service with a fabulous portrait. Well anyway, I digress. Uncle 'A' wanted to know if I would demo the makeup on a corpse for his staff. He'll pay. Now I'll do just about anything for a buck, but not that.I asked if they were in 'good"condition or needed some heavy work. My Auntie Mame laughed at my queasiness. Shes a doctor. Morticians and Doctors just have thicker skin than this old shop girl. I'll write him detailed notes with his samples.

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  1. This made me laugh - I iknow it shouldnt have - but it did!


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