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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feck You Too

Feck You Too
Originally uploaded by pretty helmet
I just couldn't resit putting this in my blog. While I did a tasting for Cotes du Rhones today , this brand was being promoted. A toddler caught my eye holding the postcard promoting Feckin Irish Whiskey. While her mom sampled she asked me for a cork to add to her collection. Got to love it! After selling cases of Cote du Rhones and signing off, I went over to the Feckin stand. The owner himself was there with two buxom promoters wearing shirts saying things like' Your going to Feckin Love This...'. I took a try and I did. The perfect gift for Certain Someone too! The owner noticed I didn't finish my shot and inquired if it was too strong for me. Au contraire. It was really smooth. I just didn't want to drive with a buzz after tasting wine and whisky all day on a somewhat empty stomach. All in all a good day. Later the owner whizzed past me in the deli. I told him I was buying a signed bottle and he informed me that a signed bottle can go up to $800 back in the UK. So that means Certain Someone cant drink it and when he annoys me I can hold up the bottle to him and tell him how I really feel. Just kidding. He comes back Monday after a week in Europe.I always miss him but manage to stay busy nevertheless . Just had another thought. Wouldn't these make great gifts for some colleagues!

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