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Sunday, September 09, 2007

1,000,000 ants chasing Tiger

Tiger woods
Originally uploaded by scubaeddie32
So its been a while since I blogged. A lot is going on. I'm taking classes in cake decorating/ sugar craft now . This morning Certain Someone and I delivered a housewarming gift I made for Gabs of a house frosted in autumnal tones of butter cream , marzipan pumpkins, and lots of chocolate fixtures . She thinks I'm Martha Stewart on crack now. But I think she liked it. She has a really cute place and we're so happy for her. After coffee and assorted sweets, me and the man went to Cog Hill to see the BMW Championship/ Fed Ex Cup Playoff. I wasn't sure how I'd like this event. I was Certain Someones last choice to attend ,as he knows I don't care for sports, etc. But all of his male friends were busy with familial commitments, so he was stuck with me or go alone. I was pleasantly surprised!The weather was perfect,not a lot of bugs,and we got some exercise following the 18 holes. For the most part we stayed away from the Tiger-etts as we watched the lineup. However we couldn't avoid the master. At about 12 hole we caught up with him. Certain Someone bet me what color he would be wearing. I innocently bet blue, as he bet red.The Master appeared in Red! How the F was I to know that's the only color he wears on Sunday. Certain Someone mocked me for saying''I see Tiger wearing Blue..." I've seen a lot of celebs in my time, but it was impressive to see this young self assured man play. What I didn't like was the herds of people that only seemed to follow him and thereby pushed Certain Someone and I and obstructed our perfect views. It became of game of keeping away from the herd as we rushed to see him on to victory at the 18th hole. I saw babies yelling for Tiger and drunk old man trying to con his way into a private tent party at the 18th hole to see him win. Tiger mania. Gabs warned us earlier. Then knowing he won ,but blocked from that last view,Certain Someone and I power walked back to the last, but first parking lot,( about a mile)to beat the other ants and traffic back. What a workout and pleasant day. Kind of like the old days. Peaceful silence at times, relaxation,and just being comfortable with other. That's what Sundays should be like.

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