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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Desperate House Wives

Desperate House Wives
Originally uploaded by tiffy_chum.
I don't know if if I'm cut out for this house wife thing. Seeing as I have a lot to do before next week, Certain Someone has taken to giving me a list of 'chores'. He's all about order , dinner being ready, and that whole "King of the House" thing. I could goof off in my pyjamas all day,but he won't let me. Maybe next week ,when I really can't move around or lift , I can zone out watching mindless soap operas. The running joke between us is that I'm having affairs with all the repair/ mailman when he's in the office. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up mid day to "catch me in the act". This weekend he has big plans for us house wise. Lets see if he's actually motivated to put down that flooring he always talks about. We are trying to plan our first party for Super Bowl Sunday, and he wants it all set. I admit I have fun planning these sort of things with him. The other day I took him to Costco and we priced the plasmas and purchased bulk food. A friend of mine commented we are like old shoes already. Its comfortable but weird and takes time to adjust to. I think he feels the same way. Last year I was living 'Sex in the City', ( I was Charlotte), this year I'm the new neighbor in" Desperate Housewives".

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