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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Home Improvement

Plasma TV
Originally uploaded by randomstring.
So I've been nesting and working alongside Certain Someone this weekend as I try to wean myself away from the sick couch. Ive cut back my dosage on pain meds because I was tired of just being a zombie. I still walk around hunched over like a old woman, but I'm getting more productive each day. Certain Someones big ass 50 inch Plasma TV arrived Friday afternoon. He spent all night hugging the box his baby was in , while blocking my view of the good old fashioned TV. He then got to work painting the back room. Did I mention that he even went to the supermarket and dutifully got everything I asked for , including some feminine products? What a man. Some men would die before they bought those . I zonked out for a quick 5 minute nap that turned into a two hour nap. When I woke past midnight he had painted the walls Magic Spell( a type of eggplant color). All I could do was a wash up of the brushes and rollers.The next morning we started the floors and entertained my Auntie Mame and friend. All day long friends and relatives called to check in on the invalid. Auntie Mame brought over some 'hot links" ( A south side specialty) and we pigged out and had a good time. Certain Someone was charming and sociable with the family which makes them like him even more. Auntie Mame gave me a stern lecture about the danger of addiction and told me to throw away the pills. She said I can deal with a little discomfort and to toughen and straighten up( all that bending over like a old woman is bad for my posture). I guess my week of self indulgence is over . But I have a house full of flowers and a big ass TV to keep me company.

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1 comment:

  1. kilabyte12:40 AM

    On that basis it's hard to decide which congrats takes precedence ... your improving health, CS's increasing domesticity or the big ass plasma. As a new age sensitive macho male of Euro-extract I have something of a leaning towards ............... your health - nice to have something nice to snuggle into while watching Friday nite footy on TV.


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