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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hickory Smoked Bacon
Originally uploaded by moknits.
On Saturday Certain Someones and my friend 'The Rock' volunteered to be with me for a scheduled cable upgrade installation. The guys are looking out for us due to the murder of a friend of ours by a cable installer.One can never be to careful. I've had quite a lot of service visits lately due to Certain Someone and house hold issues( roof repair, telephones. cable, etc. ) In fact Certain Someone is beginning to wonder what is going on while he's been away with all these "visits" and neighbors/ friends volunteering to chaperon. So 'The Rock' came over promptly at 8AM. The installer was scheduled to come from 8-12. I made him a big omelet with peppers, mushrooms,cheese, and onions along with brewed Starbucks coffee. Certain Someones flight was due to arrive at 5 pm. The cable guy came at 1:30 and the visit lasted approx 4 hrs. Poor Rock! We ended up talking and finishing off a entire package of bacon throughout the day. Just lazy slugs eating plates of bacon. In between I offered the slow but very nice cable man a choice of beverage . He was very specific that he wanted Black Tea with honey! Not green or white, no sugar, but honey. In fact he had quite a few cups of it. The Rock and I speculated that perhaps that's why he was was late. Drinking tea at others house. Actually the installation was very complicated. Certain Someone wanted HDTV ( which I don't understand all the hype about, but he assures me I will after we get a new large plasma). We had been tracking Certain Someones flight progress and he was due to arrive a hour early. I rushed to take a shower and get ready. By the time my baby landed we were still not finished! One mishap after another. Nevertheless it took him a hour to clear customs and he only waited for me 15 minutes. I had my chauffeur hat on and a sign with his name and the German salutation HERR. It was so good to see him. When we arrived home, my clean house has turned into a bacon smelling mess. His senses were assaulted with the greasy smell! He couldn't fathom us sitting around for about seven hours eating bacon all day. Well that's our story and we are sticking with it!

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