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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Home for the Holidays

christmas tree 2004
Originally uploaded by scottfeldstein.
Well as I write this I'm alone. Certain Someone flew off to Germany and Sweden this past week to visit his parents. I stayed home as I have no more time off from work. However my last day will be on December 28 and I will be off for approximately 4-6 weeks . I'm having elective surgery early January . I look forward to the 'recovery" time as I will focus on revising the resume and renew the job hunt. And just get some well needed rest. My email buddy Gabi has flown off to Australia and I already miss our daily communication.
So far the living arrangement with Certain Someone has gone well. We had a cozy week before his departure.The night before we exchanged gifts. I gave him a luxury watch and he was most generous with me ( a weekend in NYC , perfume,and other goodies). For a man that complains I'm spoiled ,he sure does add to the effort. I miss him but feel connected as he's only a Blackberry email away. He worries about me ,as I do him.
On the good news front our friends murderer was captured and arrested last week. It doesn't bring her back but it provides a tiny bit of closure and Christmas hope for her family and friends. Now we hope justice is done in the court systems.
I have no concrete plans for Christmas. I'll probably hang with the aunts . I have to motivate myself to put up the tree. Some years I'm so into it, and others I'm not. I've cleared a lot of space with the removal of old furniture,etc to make way for Certain Someone. In the meantime I have the beautiful holiday sights of the city of Chicago to gaze at. Soon it will be New Years and Certain Someone will be back home along with more of our friends. Until then I'm enjoying the solitude.

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