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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Photo Ready

Originally uploaded by uberculture.
Yesterday after German Class, I was scheduled to do some Makeup Artistry for my friend K's photo shoot , revolving around a recording artist friend of hers. I met them up at Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville. Kat had secured the campy upstairs . The Singer M was a very fascinating person to behold. A 'Survivor ' if you will. I love to hear those stories because it inspires me and I admire their optimistic attitude and determination. We had a easy rapport as I worked on her face. Kat staged 3 different looks and I updated the makeup as needed. Needless to say it was a rewarding afternoon and I felt good doing something I love.On the way home I went to the famous Swedish Bakery and picked up something for My sweet Certain Someone. When I arrived home he was ready to go out to Ikea to make our space more livable and manageable. We drove out to Boolingbrook. Now I've never had much luck with the store, but the Swede wanna be was a excellent guide. Come to find out he used to hang in the one in Stockholm on a regular basis. It seems the Swedes like to change up often.We got some great stuff and I loved watching his mind work up ideas on improving the condo. Alas the weekend was to short and by the time we got home and winded down , it was time for sleep. We haven't had much of a weekend due to schedules and work commitments. Then he's off to the Old Country for two weeks. I'll miss him, but look forward to ringing in the New Year with him by my side.

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