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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hetic Holidays

Originally uploaded by 100777.
Today I witnessed many ambulances and fire trucks all over the downtown area. Come to find out there was subway derailment near my office. Fortunately I believe no one was hurt. Along Mich Ave ,I guess the pace of shopping was taking its toll on some as I saw a few more. The loud playing of the Salvation Army trumpet and cymbals added to the commotion as I walked. Parking lots that run a exorbitant $23 were all filled up. Everyone was asking for some type of money to the truly homeless , professional beggars, the charitable groups, or the greedy sales clerks. I tried to get into the spirit and buy some cards, but nixed the idea. I have no energy for the effort. On the work front , everyone is taking turns dumping on me. I'm counting the days until next week. Tomorrow evening I have to help out with a special screening of Dream Girls. It promises to be a hot movie. I only wish I didn't have to endure the crowds. Ive been listening to the soundtrack on my IPOD. A new star is born in Jennifer Hudson.I love those type of rag to riches stories. A bright note was that I spoke to Certain Someone. It's good to hear his voice. He's in Sweden now and sent me a email rubbing it in that he was one of my favorite stores,NK. He better have bought me something. Already can't wait until New Years.

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