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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Birthday Week Update

Swag in a Box
Originally uploaded by powerbooktrance.
This has been truly a busy and wonderful for week for me. On my birthday Certain Someone and I dined in the romantic Les Nomades. What a feast! I chose an assortment of pates to start, duck consomme, duck confit and breast, and a Grand Mariner souffle. Not to mention the wines and champagnes that accompanied each course. Certain Someone went for the gusto with five courses. We were the youngest couple in the restaurant and always sneaked a quick kiss. He's not afraid of tasteful public displays of affection. When we got up to leave , after all that food and wine, the tipsy feeling set in.The owner remarked that thankfully we only lived next door. How did she know that?
Before dinner he gave me a I Pod Nano in red. I have never had one before and am truly excited to join the I Pod crowd. I will let my sweetie set it all up for me ( 1,000 songs). I wonder if I even have 1,000 songs. Certain Someone has really spoiled me this week. In a few hours were having dinner and the my Birthday Drinks party at M Lounge. I'm expecting around 30, but who knows.The wine bar where I work part time has already called and begged me to work tonight. No can do.Yesterday she suggested I have my friends come there for my birthday, and now she wants me to work.People don't listen. Well I'm determined to continue my good feeling and hopefully will survive working the Sunday Brunch in the morning.

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