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Monday, May 29, 2006

Harem Scarem

Dancing Girl!
Originally uploaded by Lorri37.
Tonight I attended a small Birthday Dinner for my old friend Kenny G. Now he and I go way back over seven years, and yes we did date, or something like it ,off and on. Now we maintain a healthy friendship and have many mutual friends in common. Chicago is a small world . One of the problems I had always had with him was that I was like this "secret", hidden away in the vast Imperial Harem of the Sultan. Well tonight I met my counterpart who lived on the other side of the palace. It seems she goes back as far as I do,and we still hold a revered spot in the Sultans affections,. Even though both of us had ceased dating him. My fellow concubine told me he goes back and forth between us for advice, companionship , etc. as he wavers on finding that perfect princess. Much to the Sultans dismay, his senior concubines really hit it off. We compared notes on how to get more dinners , and who got what from our dear Sultan. The Sultan listened with amusement and dismay, and claimed his resources were now limited and he has to cut back. That didn't fool us, as we schemed some more and promised to have a few martinis on a all girls night in the palace, with the Sultan footing the bill. Ah the secrets of the harem...

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1 comment:

  1. kilabyte8:06 PM

    Right now, if I was the Sultan, I would be packing my bags and looking for a country with no extradition treaties. When 2 former concubines get together and turn into "friends" it can only mean one thing for the Sultan ...... RUN {Forrest} RUN !!!!


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