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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Know What Side My Bread Is Buttered On

Originally uploaded by powerbooktrance.
So tonight I ventured up north for my first Cubs game. Now most people who know me , know that I could care less about most sports. My mother used to warn me about large events and crowds. It didn't help that the news was always filled with hooligan stories, after game barfights, and weird misfits who ran into Center Field half dressed, and started to beat up people. Not to mention the boozy aspect of the whole thing. I just always thought of it as some slightly sleazy Northside Single party scene. But I never had a opportunity to attend a game to prove my perceptions wrong.
Last year I attended my first baseball game at the newly named US Cellular Field. I am a South Sider as a fairly new resident, and its where my maternal family came from. However the part of the South Side the stadium was in , I avoided like the plague. If you go back into Chicago history it wasn't a very welcoming place for blacks.Nevertheless , I went to my first White Sox game last year and was pleasantly surprised. The game escaped me, but the food was awesome, and everyone was jovial,but well behaved. Not a hooligan in site. I had to eat my words to my smug friend who took me. And wouldn't you know it , that was the year they went onto World Series victory!
Tonight I braced the larger crowds with Caro and met up with Racekesh and Peter. Wrigley Field was definitely not as slick as Cellular Field. As we climbed the endless ramps to our seats, the scents of brats tempted me. We all immediately after finding our section, headed for the food and beer lines. My first brat was a little to soggy due to much sauerkraut. I noticed my seat mate Racekesh go on to another food item(deep dish pizza). I wondered if I could get away with eating more , so I got some Nachos with tons of Jalepenos. Peter and Caro seemed to restrain themselves. It started getting colder, and I longed for some steaming fried dough,but I couldn't find any. US Cellular had fried dough! So I purchased a sweatshirt instead( there went the money I saved on parking).I barley paid attention to the game , because I didn't have that big screen TV to guide me and tell me what was going on. All I remember was a few exciting last innings, and suddenly it was over , abruptly. I felt very unsastisfied, and my tummy was starting to hurt. I wanted more food and action.I wanted a winning team. We all grudgingly got up and made the long exodus out of the stadium into the night, all the while pushing our way. I think next year I'll try football.The culinary wonders of those tailgate parties!

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  1. Sorry you didn't seem to enjoy the experience out on the north side. We do our best. Oh well, at least you had some good company, that always counts for something.

  2. kilabyte7:30 PM

    Appears to me that the food experience was worth it too. I'd be the guy looking for Homer Simpson's Nacho Hat .... and the two-stubby hat with the tube leading into the mouth .... a brat with sauerkraut ..... now that's the way to live ..... move over gastric reflux, this wont hurt a bit.

  3. Jammin' Jemma11:25 PM

    Kilabyte, your only reason for coming to soccer games on Sunday is for the BBQ so it is no surprise that you'd go to the baseball for the food too.

    Me? I'd got for the players - everyone needs a groupie. :)


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