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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's All About Football (Soccer)

cha du-ri illo
Originally uploaded by the boy who loved vellum.
I've never been much into sports, much to any guy I happen to be with dismay. Basketball, American Football,Baseball just really aren't my thing. Occasionally I'd watch or attend a game, but more for the social aspect. However the World Cup thing has peaked my interest. Maybe it started with me watching soccer matches with Daddy( who was Nigerian,and therefore a huge soccer fan). He always wanted a boy he could play the game with. Some Sundays he dragged me out to the yard and had me do dribbling exercises with him. I didn't mind it,but I was no jock. I remember he used to take me to the Washington Diplomats( a fledgling attempt at US soccer) games in RFK Stadium in DC. We weren't really close,but those are the best times I remember with him.In his last days , their was nothing he'd like more than watching endless matches on the Spanish Language stations. It's a shame Nigeria didn't qualify this year,but it seems some really good players are of Nigerian descent.
So tonight I went into a really industrial part of the city to procure Germany jerseys for 'Certain Someone' and I to wear on Saturday morning when they play Sweden. My poor schatzis loyalties are divided between his two countries. He's a German National with a Swedish soul. I 'm really getting all into the hype. The United Nations of Friends send email after email with score updates. One member is over in Germany now watching some matches. Sometimes the emails come in German,and I haven't a clue to what they say,but they are happy in tone.It's all so exciting, and I'm actually enjoying it.So as I picked our shirts tonight, I saw a beautiful Addidas green and white jersey for the Nigerian team. How Daddy would have liked that and all this hoopla.

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