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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Hundred nothings-88
Originally uploaded by Julie70.
The next week and a half, I'm on "vacation". Normally I manage to go somewhere great, or do something productive. This time I'm doing absolutely nothing. Zilch,nada,zip. Oh I had some plans, I was going to clean up, maybe work on my balcony garden,etc.But I just cant seem to get off my couch in front of the TV, or chair in front of the computer. I was beating myself up about this morning as I struggled to get out of bed at 10am. But then I rationalized that I go out just every evening for some function or another. I'm always 'representing ' for work with makeup, clothes, hair,etc.So its nice to just be lazy,slightly messy, and not wear a stich of makeup. Certain Someone is nowhere around this week, so I can just chill and relax in my natural state. Just hope I don't gain 10 pounds from all the laziness.But I'm sure if I do, I'll burn it all off when Certain Someone and I go off to Milwaukee this weekend to check out SummerFest on their waterfront.Anyway its pouring now, another excuse not to leave my nest...

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  1. Jammin' Jemma8:15 PM

    Just remember, you're not on holidays until you get out of bed after 1pm every day!

    I was a Uni bum for 4-6 years and mastered the 1pm "wakeup" quite nicely. The tip is not to open your eyes when you wake up but roll over, find another comfy spot and then lie there....very still.

  2. That would also help my dieting quest."The sleep diet".


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