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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects
Originally uploaded by Pikaluk.
Last night I ventured out for a 'Girls Night' with Irene, Gab's, Gab's roommate,and visiting friends. We all met at Max Bar for a ladies night of free Effen Cocktails, massages, manis,and pedis. They were even giving out free cigarettes. A total health and wellness night. Gumby showed up, as he had introduced me to Max Bar last spring. He was his lovable weird self. He started taking out some ' merchandise' wrapped in toilet paper and asked our opinions as to which we liked most. I could just flash back to that show Good Times, when that pimp like character has all these jewels underneath his big fur coat he flashes potential customers with. Although Gumby acquired his goods totally through legal means and was not selling. I even got a weak but relaxing chair massage . I warned the massage therapist that I wall full of tension. She thought I said I was sensual. Whatever!I left the girls after a few hours, as my Certain Someone returned to town. I met him at another bar for a farewell party for a mutual acquaintance. My poor schatzi was tired, sick, and a little cranky. I really felt his misery. He couldn't even enjoy his chicken fingers. In his agony he noticed Benny the Swede from last Saturday. Of all the joints in town, Benny pops up there! As we left and passed Benny, I reminded him of our earlier meeting. He said in his best Friends Joey accent ' How you doing...?" It was hard to recognize him with a shirt and no bottle of Skane.

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