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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Out Of Africa

African safari route
Originally uploaded by Sricchito.
Last night was the Auxiliary Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo's Out Of Africa benefit. Oh what a night! Although around 6:00 pm before the party I thought I'd collapse from exhaustion. I had spent the whole day helping Paul Anthony (AKA Princessepessa) set up the visual part with his friends, co workers ,and students. Lets just say he got his revenge on me for years of me bugging him about my visual setups for events in the stores!.My back and legs were sore, a hanger went through my sneaker, and my newly done hair was a sweaty mess. I was covered in florist foam crumbs and sand. But the end effect was 'Oh so dazzling!' Paul had created a luxurious African tent in the middle of Serengeti with wind blown canvas chandeliers that glowed warm red, and orange hues with images of giraffes and elephants in the wild. The bar had the Liquor logos on African shields with plumes that conjured up images of Masai Warriors. The tables were set with large glass sand filled candle holders wrapped in tall grass and twigs. Princesspessa did all this while slinging his godson around in papoose .I suspect he'll be a future artist.
I cleaned up good, and met my large international gang at the party . The food and drinks were flowing. Gabs,Caro, Irene,Tristan ,and Josh looked so glamorous. I played the social butterfly role as I schoomezed with the others all the while dancing, taking photos, eating, and drinking.I could have danced all night,but my bones and feet were aching. Gumby showed up looking dapper in his tux. Of course he couldn't wear a normal shirt, but one embroidered with Bugs Bunny. He's always the one to provide comic relief. Then my two JD'S ( we have a joke that every black man on the board is called JD) were real lookers in their formal wear. JD I in a flawless black tux,and JD III in a cream dinner jacket with red and white polka dot tie/ cumberband. Did I mention he wore spats! I made sure I took lots of pictures for the folks and Momma Roxy (JD III"s mother).All to soon it was time to leave, and we went home . Princesspessa showed up with his crew to break down the set. I wearily climbed into bed and as I was drifting to sleep, my Blackberry went off. It was that Certain Someone texting me from Europe. To bad he wasn't there at the party, he was missed!

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