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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Day At the Races

Today I took a half day and attended Ascot Day at Arlington Race Tracks with my good friend Irene and her English beau Andrew. We had been looking forward to this for a while, as in Chicago one doesn't get to wear a "Alexis Carrington /Four Weddings and a Funeral" style hat. Irene and I ventured deep into the South Side to purchase hats that one wouldn't see coming and going , from a client of mine Hazel Lowe Boutique. Hazel Lowes is a institution among the preachers wives set, so what better place? I find she has hats that rival anything you can find on the Mag Mile.
So anyway Kenny G(my old friend the Sultan), Irene, Andrew , and I took the train to the event , rather than drive.I invited Kenny G month's ago because he and Andrew hit it off as fellow attorneys. ('Certain Someone'is still in the picture!!! )We arrived and immediately perused the betting forms. Andrew gave a quick lesson in terminology, which completely went over my head. I decided to save my pennies. The Governers Suite was waiting for us with lavish buffets and drinks. I just had to get me a Pimms Cup (veddy English you know!). I received a phone call from work about a old employee of mine, eyes were on me as I said out loud 'You mean the one that looks like a stripper?,Miss Bump and Grind..." My voice does get loud at times.Kenney remarked on what I interesting life I lead , and the people I know. For the most part we decided to stay in the enclosed suite and look at the races on the big screen TV's. It was very hot and windy outside. In all actuality I don't even think I watched a race or saw a horse. I was to busy checking out all the feathers and hats, eating, and imbibing was all so grand and English. I felt pride that my ancestry had a tiny connection to the British Empire.

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