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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Six Degrees Of Separation II ...Coincidence or a sign?

The past week I've encountered more strange occurrences than most. I have to ask myself is it a sign from the universe,or a coincidence? The first sign was that Gumby has taken up with a great acquaintance of mine. I only realized their ' relationship" , through a group email. When I asked ,he fessed up. I wish them happiness. Both of them will be very good for each other.Vive le difference!. Then my 'Certain Someone', who's home now (YIPPE) for a hot second!, texted me from a restaurant from Stockholm. Out of all the people , in all the joints in Sweden, he runs into my cousin ( who he doesn't know, but from a picture) and introduces himself. Weird or what? Then at the Cubs game , Rakesh and I realized our mothers were classmates at the same premier historically Black University, Howard in DC. We probally were in the same daycare ,or something. The icing on the cake was the appointment of a new Account Executive for the DC region. I remember her from when I was a punk nosed kid , just out of art school, working in retail Maryland/D.C. How I used to cower when she came in for her visits as a Regional! Now she barely recognized me ,sitting at my desk, working the phones. She should be proud one of us got from behind the counter. So I ask myself, coincidence?...Or have I stayed to long at fair?

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