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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Fellini copy
Originally uploaded by Flornholio.
I dragged myself out around 8:00 pm. to catch up with the gang at the May Fest at Lincoln Square. I really wasn't planning on going anywhere, as I was still recovering from the night befores Out of Africa soiree .Previous to going out, I was cooking pate for a family event the next day. The heat of the kitchen, and a barely humming air conditioner motivated to put on a skimpy tank top.If the May Fest was anything like Taste , I'd be a sweaty mess. Well as soon as I got out the temp dropped. Nevertheless I braved the chill and drove up north to Lincoln square. Now Lincoln Square is on of my favorite enclaves in Chicago, because you feel as if you stepped right into Germany.However the festival didn't really live up to the neighborhoods image. I only saw one man walking about in lederhosen. The first image that greeted me was a drunk man on all fours barking at his dog. The group of us pushed through the crowds and ordered up large plastic stiens of beer. I was aghast that I saw quite a few drinking the domestic Rolling Rock. What was the point?Then we ventured over to get some brats, and another sausage whose name escapes me( it resembles a American polish sausage). We raced to finish out 'tickets" by 10:00 and purchase all the beer we could. After a while we went to the "cultural "part of the evening, carnie games.None of us won any of those cute fluffy animals. A booth caught my eye, a Paintball station. I handed over $5 to shoot 31 balls out of a rifle. At my 29 shot, the man scolded me that I was shooting to close to pedestrians, and to cease. I was so wrapped up in the shooting,,I started to do a artistic bump and grind as I worked on my pattern.But I was just shooting blanks. My friends looked at me a little weird when I was done.It was oddly exhilarating.
As the fest started to close, we tried to go to a another beer hall . I dumped my beer , much to the amazement of a young Latin male, who proceeded to follow my friends to ask about me. When told my age he was stunned. I could have been his mother if I had him at 13.The long lines deterred us from going in. We finally ended up at a Macedonian 'lounge" because it looked empty, and we all needed to pee. A really bad torch singer serenaded us ,which caused me to believe it was actually a Karakoe bar. Young pre pubescent girls did a tango , as she sang.To appease the server we ordered some Macedonian beer and settled in . A young man at the next table told me it was a Maedonian mob hangout, which made us applaud louder when the singer finished her set, at Gab's urging was tempted to try one of a bank of slot machines that a lone old lady was playing. Josh checked them out , and affirmed they looked dubious( the old lady rose seller being a plant).
We all decided to head on over to BoysTown and go to Roscoes. I haven't been in a gay bar in ages. After tonight I know why. All the beautiful buff boys ,just being fabulous, and not a chance for me .The few drag queens inside scared me with their makeup. I decided to call it a night, and got my car from the valet. As I pulled off , a man flashed his chest to me, and made me swear not to tell.

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