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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Originally uploaded by Dan Kamminga.
Tonight I was invited to attend a screening of ' The Devil Wears Prada' . Brenda Sexton, the Czarina of the Illinois Film commission arranged a Girls Night Out for the most powerful women in Chicago. Now , I'm hardly powerful, but at times well connected. I was supposed to attend with my aunt, but she's jetting off to Rome as I type (I should be with her).I was pleasantly surprised..This was the best fashion film I has seen in a while, or ever! Meryl Streep was perfect. Ann Hathaway a dream. I loved this movie. It really captured what the fashion world was all about. Don't underestimate it! After the movie, we debated on whether the character made the right decision. Me,I would have stayed as Streep's assistant, dropped the chef boy friend, and enjoyed the hard work and good life. Am I really that heartless? It was too glamorous to pass up. But love and ethics conquer all! In the end you still loved all the characters, and understood their motivations.
After the movie, the Power Gals trugded up to the Conrad Hotel( formerly The Meridian), and had a swanky rooftop reception. Tropicana Berry and Mango martinis flowed. The appetizers were out of this world! After seeing a film that mocked a size 6 as a FATTY, I couldn't have cared less , as I popped hors d'oeuvres after hors d'oeuvres in my mouth. I saw and talked to my CEO, a wife of a legendary basketball player,,and caught up with some old friends. Its good to be a woman in Chicago. The nucleus of Chicagos power was all on top of the roof, and they happened to be women. What would that other gender do without us?

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