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Monday, June 19, 2006

You Are Cordially Invited

Originally uploaded by tomhe.
While I have been a pretty social person for the last few years in Chicago, lately it seems I can't keep up with the invitations. On most days I will receive a beautiful paper invitation to some high priced Gala I have supported in the past. Normally I went to these things solo,as I knew people when I got there. The ticket prices are just skyrocketing now,so it makes you really think ,do I need to go to this?Thankfully 'Certain Someone' loves the whole social whirl, but there is always that risk that he'll be called away to some place for business at a moments notice. Hopefully we can make the most important of all this year Opening Night of the Opera Turanadot. There would be nothing better than listening to Nessun Dorma with him at my side dressed in Black Tie.
Then there's the whole email invitation. These are harder to keep track of. A lot of groups and people are saving time and money with the paperless invite. However while I do my darndest, they can just get luck in the Black Berry shuffle. Lately the UN has been firing off invite after invite. Gabs had to remind me that one of 'my' events I invited her to, was a Thursday,not Friday.Anytime I receive something remotely of interest I shoot it off to my email list. This week I planned to rest, detox,etc. as 'Certain Someone' will be away. I was looking forward to the quiet time. Already my week is filling up , without even trying.

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