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Monday, May 15, 2006

Weird Vibes...Mojo Calling

Originally uploaded by Jen DI.
So the girls (Irene, Gabi,and I) decided to got to the Beer Bistro in the West Loop this evening. It will be a while before our schedules will permit us to meet again. Irene's going to Georgia for a wedding, Gabi will be extremely busy with work,and I'm heading off for a week in Minneapolis for work. We all ordered our respective beers (Old Peculiar for the girls, and Flying Dog Doggy Style for me)and food. As we got into conversation , Gabi absently reached for her ringing phone. It was Mojo, that guy who runs a escort agency(whom she met a mixer)who calls to see if she wants to have some adult fun.Read Gabis blog Its a big , weird world, to get the background. She brushed him off amazingly. Irene and I suggested that she give him the rejection hotline phone number (404)827-9874 .She,the angel that she is,thought it was cruel.
Irene , then started venting , because she felt excluded from the blog society. I ,in my excitement,kept making references to Gabs recent blogs,and the comment's I been receiving from all over .Irene would ask a question,and I would say Read the Blog. I admit it was rude and insensitive .As our schedules get more hetic,I don't have the time to email from the old Blackberry as I used to.
As the weirdness subsided , my male pal who I shall call 'Anthony Perkins' dropped by. Now he's the character I mentioned in my first post who likes to crash my Black Tie affairs . He told me he plans to come to the latest in a Gumby outfit. He proceeded to do a Gumby dance for us.Meanwhile as he danced,his friend Big Head,who was waiting outside,drove off in his car... Gumby fled to find him. To be continued....

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  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    OK OK OK, i have now read the blog. Actually i had to read 3 days worth, plus gab's stuff...i'm anxious to find out what happened to Big Head and the car. oh, and I acutally didn't get a parking ticket last night! Had fun last night and will call when i get back into town.

  2. First she has "blog envy" and now she comments! Welcome to Blogland Rene, the water's nice and warm...and we won't tell you why hehe.

    Beers were great last night - and I can't wait to see security personnel throw Gumby into the bushes (or the back of a police car) if he tries to crash your next classy show. I can just imagine Big Head bailing him out - but the Gumby suit will be interesting to explain to cell mates at Cook County.

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Or maybe if he goes to Cook County Bubba might find him hilarious too .... and lovely .... and cute .... and ......

  4. kilabyte7:14 PM

    Oh you guys. There's enuff material here for at least a dozen new Seinfeld episodes ..........

  5. Jammin' Jemma3:24 AM

    Gumby outfit and gumby dancing....hmmmm to the green ball of clay!

    And yes Gabi, it is cruel to give a man the "break up" phone number. When in doubt, pretend you are an answering maching when you find out who it is.

    Gabi: Hello, Gabi speaking
    Adult-fun wannabe: Hi Gab it's me, Adult Fun wannabe
    Gabi: Gabi is unable to come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep.


    Gabi: Hello, Gabi speaking
    Adult-fun wannabe: Hi Gab it's me, Adult Fun wannabe
    Gabi: Je suis desloee mais tu est en "gooba" et je ne parles pas en "gooba"

    (apologies if that phrase was incorrect - I did win the award for the least amount of French learnt in Year 10).


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