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Friday, May 19, 2006

I'll let it rain because the rain aint gonna hurt me...

rainy day
Originally uploaded by yajico.
Today was a great and introspective day. After last nights 'past life's regression', I felt free. I thought a lot about about the future today. Babies were on my mind a lot. In the store I ran into a client who had the most beautiful babies I'd ever seen .Little dolls they were, While we all cooed and awed over them,I lamented on the fact that at my rate I'd never have them. She assured me that my time was coming, and I'd never know what was around the corner. Lately , it has been suggested to me that perhaps I seek a 'donor' , as time was running out. I thought a lot about this, but it doesn't feel right. I'm of the opinion , what will be , will be. And if its meant for me , I will get it. With that attitude I went forth into the evening. I had received a invitation to Rome, Italy , for a family function. At first I was hesitant , that I couldn't afford it, but 'why not'? Life is to short.... Then I met Gabs and Caro for the Birthday celebrations of the latter. When I arrived The Veuve was flowing. We proceeded to devour several more bottles through out the evening. I even met a potential donor ,who worked for Fermi labs and was some physicist or something. I just rolled with with it . The gang had a great time. I had a good heart to heart with Gabs friend Peter who was wise for his 25 years. It was time to wrap up, and we all proceeded to the valet. 'He' walked up ..totally unexpected. It was good to see him, as he had been on my mind. Not that locigicaly I could ever go back ' there', But I felt warm and happy to see him. We both commented on how well we looked,and went off into the rain to our futures. After last nights ' Regression ' and seeing him, I've opened the door to happiness. Rain is cleansing after all.

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