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Monday, June 18, 2007

Its Nice To Have Your Man In Touch With His Feminine Side

Cabo Massage
Originally uploaded by RaJenCreation
With great foresight I had booked massages for Certain Someone and I this past Sunday. Boy did I ever need it! I had spent the past Saturday working 14 hrs at a certain well known billionaire's former ranch. It now has new owners who threw a great party! Famous music acts were flown in and all of the cities big wigs were there. Talk about six degrees of separation! I could trace a link to many party goers as well as the service staff. It was hard work, back breaking, but fun. I must of sweat ed off 10 lbs in the heat dressed in my cowgirl gear.I crawled into bed at around 4 am praying for my 4pm massage. An ex had given me a gift certificate this past Christmas. Certain Someone ,not at all bothered by it, wanted to tag along as well. He loves for me to give him massages. So I booked the couples room at a well known salon. We both enjoyed our 50 minute Swedish massages. Oh the relief! I felt like ten years had been lifted off me. Certain Someone really got into it. He suggested we do this ritual once a month( like I can afford it, but he can!). We then indulged in the rain forest and needlepoint showers. Another dimension of heaven . Afterwards I caught my man sipping water with lemon in the Asian themed padded quiet room.Who would have thought this man who strikes fear in his interns would be such a pussy cat? Certain Someone was lapping it all up , and he deserved it because he too works so very hard. And all that golf swinging is hell on his back. Afterwards he suggested a little shopping trip followed by ice cream sundaes at Ghiradelli's. YUMMY. Then reality set in and the supermarket beckoned( needed to load up for the following week). All in all a great weekend. Its nice to see so many sides of life, living , and people.

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