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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh The Misery

Originally uploaded by melisdramatic
Certain Someone and have a lot in common. Most recently we are both suffering from nasty summer colds. He caught his first from all the excessive heat changes and forced air conditioning. I resisted until about Friday afternoon , and it all came crashing down. Nevertheless , I got up Saturday morning and drove to a suburb I have never been to, and plan not to go to again if I can help it,to dispense wine samples.The refrigerated beer and wine section was going full blast, and not even my layers of sweaters could provide relief.Thankfully it was only a four shift. I had little luck with sales as the clientele was , lets just say not a wine drinking crowd. Those that did partake liked the sweet stuff. One even informed me she likes to mix her red jug wine with Squirt soda. Need I say more. But to each his own.When I got home Certain Someone after a awful morning playing golf in the rain, was wrapped in his robe after a steam in my Jacuzzi bath. I made us both some chicken soup out of a box and we dressed to go to his company's corporate event. Last year I remember the event as our first date. How we took the boat cruise. Neither of us were up to that with how we felt. But we did rise to the occasion to mingle, eat, and drink. His colleagues are great and warm. We called it a night before the fireworks display and went on home. At home My breathing became worse with all the congestion, and I felt like gagging . But we stayed up to watch two pretty good movies , The Sentinel and The Da Vinci Code. I awoke late Sunday determined to make the most of my rare day off. I cooked up a batch of Belgian Waffles with , my own Strawberry sauce with Cointreau, and Whipped Cream. Yummy. We lazed around some more before he went off to the office. As much as I hate being sick, I love the laying around part of it. I guess its natures way of telling me slow down. I hear you loud and clear.

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  1. Strawberry sauce with Cointreau sounds fab. Hope you're feeling better :)


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