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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do I Know You....

Frog Waiter
Originally uploaded by W10
Tonight I had a small waiter gig with the caterer. It was in a reknown Chicago skyscraper. The purpose of the event was to sell unreachable health wise and Eco friendly condos to that small segment of society who can afford to plonk down $2,000,0000 for a pied a terre. As usual I recognized a few faces. Chicago is a small town. Sometimes I feel a guest look at me with a 'why do you look familiar" gaze . But surely they wouldn't associate me in the venues they have seen me,waiting on the side.That's the comedy of it. I had arrived drenched from the torrential rains. It hasn't been my week. Yesterday I had a huge interview and got caught in the rain. I had to drive back home to change. History repeated itself. But I dried off quickly and went to work. A fun and short evening. Afterwards I met up with my Auntie Mame who was attending a party up the street at Hermes. She suggested dinner at RL. She spoils me so. How could I refuse even though I wasn't hungry , after eating the leftovers from the event. Nevertheless I made room for the baked Camembert wrapped in Phyllo with pears and a glass of Riesling . Scrumptious! There were a few people from the event dining there as well. As they passed my table they had that 'why do you look familiar" gaze again. Because I just served you .... Lifes funny and its fun to keep them guessing.

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