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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Warning : Brief Nudity

Originally uploaded by gecko_matrix
Certain Someone and I like to think of ourselves as boring people. We've left our player days and wild side long behind. Well more I've left them behind. So this holiday weekend we haven't been able to do much as he has work demands( that he's handling from the home base). But we managed to break away from the comfy confines of home to look at some real estate across the street. These fabulous units were priced at just under $1,000,000 and right across the street where we live. A girl can dream cant she? We then we decided to to do our ritual walk along the lake. We always find great secret spots that aren't congested like the lake path up north. We crossed over a field to get closer to the lake and found what we were looking for. There were only a few people with their bikes resting. We noticed a couple laying on the grass covered by the sheet. At first I thought they were just resting. But then the wind from the hovering helicopters blew their cover,shall we say.The person on tops bare ass was exposed for us to see. I couldn't make out if they were two women or a man and woman. The hair was too long and blond. Nevertheless the love fest continued as Certain Someone and I turned our heads occasionally to watch. The person on top seemed to like looking up at us and then proceed to go at it . I didn't notice any thrusting action so I assumed they were two lesbians, Certain Someone swore it was man. We couldn't see anything for proof other than the bare ass that the wind uncovered periodically. We decided to get up and walk a bit . Some police cars were searching the area and we assumed they were coming to arrest the indecent pair. But it seems they were looking for other things. We walked back towards the couple and by now we could see that thrusting action under the sheets. Another police car came driving by and they seemed to slow down. But the police were oblivious to them . Certain someone debated if we should walk past the couple who knew we were onto them or walk lower and closer to the lake on the concrete wall. We decided not to change our course. You could say they were freaks that got off on public sex and being discovered. I just wondered aloud how they would find the energy to ride their bicycles back home. Certain Someone and I continued with our usual routine. We decided on Harold's fried chicken for dinner. That white boy loves his Harold's chicken and has become a connoisseur of the delicacy. After dinner I made some cocktails. We intend to get a little tipsy this holiday weekend . But don't count on us doing anything crazy like that.

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  1. kilabyte10:47 PM

    ... and I should hope "not" too .... Auntie Mame would not be too forgiving either. Still, if you're not dead ........


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