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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Haves and Have Nots

Yesterday my catering sideline took me to a beautiful event. The Chairman of a major global financial institutions Chicago base threw a surprise party for his wife. The estate was on a breathtaking parcel of land on the North Shore with a private beach. The heat was intense and it was hard work. But the final result was a touching, loving affair for this lucky woman. The husband flew in a songwriter artist I have not heard of before. However upon hearing her sing her trademark song over and over during rehearsal sound check, it sounded eerily familiar. I found out later on during the husbands speech to his guests that she's a Oscar nominated songwriter ( that's why I know the song) and has appeared on several well know television series. The party was warm and intimate. We had to dress in our bistro costumes consisting of Tuxedo shirts,bow ties, and long aprons. The guests were dressy casual as they dined under the tents. The chefs and all of us were sweating it out in the outdoor kitchens. I felt sorry for some of the staff as a few seemed to drop some drinks trays on the terrace early one. Those trays get heavy. The girls and I I always had to rotate and twist our wrists when we came to the kitchen for more rounds. The guest were very nice to us which was surprising. Sometimes they can act as if you don't exist.Not that I'm expecting conversation, but at least say yey or nay if you want a hors d' oeuvres I didn't glean much from conversations, just talk of travels past and future. They seem a real loving, close knit family which is touching considering the amount of wealth, etc. They don't strike me as the types to "chase the cameras and constantly be in the papers". Just hard working, mid western, self made people. As always I love to observe this type of stuff.

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