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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Same Old Same Old,and the Blood Type Diet

Precious Blood!
Originally uploaded by mliebenberg
Not much has been going on with me. Except on the work front. There have been a lot of travails and sagas at the office that I wont bore you with. Lets just say the sate of my company is not doing well,but I persevere and try to function amidst all the adversity. Certain Someone has been busy as usual as well. In my free time you know Ive been preoccupied with my cooking and reading about it. So much that I have assessed myself in the mirror. Since Certain Someone and I have been together I have gained 'nesting weight'. I wasn't a small girl to begin with , but I had and still for the most part have a nice shape. The fat seems to go straight to my legs. As I cant afford to replace the superior designer duds I gave in a size or two smaller, I'm determined to loose the weight. Also I'm approaching that 40 mark in a few, and my clock is ticking. I don't want to be a lard ass gaining an additional 20 pounds giving birth.So I plan to loose at least 20 pounds. Certain Someone has mentioned his desire to so as well, but I see no plans on his part. After surgery last winter I found out my blood type in order to follow the blood type diet. Certain Someone and I are both Type A's( natural vegetarians). I found out I was to avoid gluten, all meats with the exception of turkey and some fishes, vinegar, and my favorite fruits etc. Certain Someone said no to doing this with me at all. So Ive just returned from Whole Foods,where Ive loaded up on weird spelt, amaranth, quionas, and rice based flours, noodles, etc. Ive purchased new soy based products ( tofus and milks), tamuri soy sauces, sanctioned fruit and nut spreads , butters, and juices. It shouldn't be hard as Im a good and creative cook. In fact Ive just had a nice salmon with a soy/ honey/ brown sugar/mustard seed glaze along with a simple salad dressed with just lemon and garlic. Did I mention my approved beverages are red and white wines, tons of green teas, coffee , and sanctioned fruit juices. I will still cook Certain Someones meals, but will try to sneak in and incorporate some of the new type A stuff. He wont know whats what until I tell him. He'll never give up his red meat and pork( which Type A's store as fat because we cant digest it). I plan to partake of it occasionally as well , like when we go to Germany for Christmas. Who can turn down "Mama Certain Someones "food? And that's what I like about this diet. You can occasionally fall off. Its more about lifestyle changes and health. Eventually the weight will fall off because your eating like nature intended.

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