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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Certain Someone and I Are Happy Parents

Betta Close Up
Originally uploaded by sammorrowphotography
We've done it ! Certain Someone and I have taken the first step. Out of sheer boredom and anticipating loneliness( Certain Someone is leaving me for a work project. He'll be gone a few months), I bought a fish. From time to time I fish set my neighbors little speck of a fish. The pet store beckoned. I'm not flush with funds so a fancy menagerie in a expensive aquarium was out of the question. In the back of the store I saw these gorgeous fishes in tiny round bowls. I was informed they were male Betta's . Seems they are Siamese Fighting fish. They cant cohabitate with other males, or they will kill each other. Also I was told rather than buying him one female companion,he'd need two. They like to breed and one male Betta will wear out the female.Kind of like a wife /mistress thing they have going. I also purchased a cute Betta kit Aquarium to house our baby in. He's a gorgeous red color. Certain Someone seems to like him. We worry about him. Upon coming home,Idid a lot of research. Seems these are some of natures most beautiful fish,but very finicky and sensitive. A Betta's life is severely compromised with the slightest wrongdoing in care. Seems they are quite the ornamental fad,but a lot of people miss crucial care steps. Clean water and properly balanced water are key. And a attentive parent must always be on the lookout for any sign of disease and infection. We named our angel Betta Baby , and he seems thriving.The light from the big plasma TV agitates him, so we keep him on the dining room table. He doesn't seem to eat much, but hes not lethargic. I pray I wont kill him. I figure first the fish, then perhaps a dog, and who knows I might be ready for a real baby.

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  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    ... and if all elese fails then there is fish and chips ... sorry, you Yanks would say, fish and fries .......

  2. Thats so wrong! :-)Ironicaly , baby Bettas are called fryes.


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