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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All That Glitters Is Not Golden

More Glitter
Originally uploaded by babybowrain
So yesterday I spent cooped up in the office on my first day back. Not much going on there. Either I'm very efficient and I prepped things to go well while I'm away, the job is that boring, or a little of both. Anyway not much drama and the usual unappreciative higher ups. Today however I ventured back into the" field". Once again I was reminded how unattractive a lot of my customers are ( God forgive me I'm just being honest) and how obtuse. As I approached one ,that feeling of dread welled up in me that I have to try to explain to this person basic skincare and makeup(I really cant do this for another decade and I admire anyone that did without going crazy). And they still have a mental block! After about a few of those encounters I took a walk around the store. I saw a lady dressed in ethnic garb with gold glitter around the mouth. This is not the first time I've seen this and I've commented here before on it. Who is telling these woman to do it? It's not cute. Its not like a subtle creamy glitter highlight on the eyes or collarbone for a night out( which is a little passe). It's smeared above the lip or around the mouth and all I can think about is ' You'll get a rash". And for some strange reason they all seem to gravitate to me. I'm a natural born sales person but I think its time for a change soon.

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